Winter wardrobe includes features such as volume cloth, thick fabrics and heavy shoes. According to the opinion of Anastasiia Ivanova that isn’t a reason to refuse to stay elegante.

The outfit planning is surely able to keep the main function of winter cloth - protect your warmth, moreover it helps to follow the aesthetics and elegance of your style. 

Anastasiia Ivanova has created 4 formulas of elegant winter wardrobe to make you feel cozy and gorgeous during the cold months. 

Semi fitted sweater dress 

Don’t put off dresses till the spring. I recommend paying attention to sweater dress or sweater dress with turtleneck. This cut is basic for the elegant winter wardrobe since it always looks stylish and keeps the warmth. 

Be careful: aggressive oversize makes your figure baggy, therefore choose semi fitted silhouettes. Add a belt on your weight and trendy boots so your look is going to be a standard of elegance. 


Total cream


When the bigger part of winter outfits build around the dark hues that is the sign to start electing opposite ones. For example cream or milk shades. For sure light colors will add the bright mood to grey winter days. And the total look emphasizes your elegant style. Combine a cream sweater with a leather skirt or wool trousers and complete the look with a bag and a beret. Attention! If you aim to follow the elegance you should match your skirt to the nude tights or tights in tune to the hue of the skirt.

Maxi coat

Cropped puffers might be trendy, however your aim is to stay elegante you have to prefer a coat. I advise the maxi coat. It perfectly protects you from the cold. The most important thing: according to the grammar of style the length of the coat must be longer than other layers therefore the maxi coat combines well with any skirt lengths. Be playful with accessories when you wear the same coat during the winter. Scarfs, hats and gloves could create a new look. Also adding the winter accessories keeps your body warm. Read my other articles to be aware of how to choose a hat and gloves correctly.

Leather skirt + sweater

Stylists recommend combining various textures in one outfit. I recommend focusing on two. More textures could overwhelm your look. For winter style leather and wool are nicely combined together. These materials are thick and good temperature keepers. My formula for winter wardrobe is leather skirt + wool or cashmere sweater. Be mindful with sweater cuts: to keep you elegant it must be a little bit loose but not oversized. Attention: stay eco-friendly - choose the skirt made of eco-leather. 


Four formulas of winter wardrobe is a universal strategy which you are able to follow not only in winter but also during other cold months.

Specially for EXPANSION Anastasiia Ivanova has created these formulas according to fashion etiquette and grammar of style. 

Select outfits in accordance with the formulas and you will stay elegant and protect your body from cold.


January 11, 2023