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Dresses by Ukrainian designers, presented on the EXPANSION website, are significantly different from other units of their segment for a number of reasons. First, you can not only buy the chosen woman's dress in an online-shop, but also feel it in showrooms in Kyiv and Paris. Secondly, the EXPANSION team attracts the best niche Ukrainian brands. They are known for their responsible approach to doing business by creating unique products. Thirdly, all dresses are pre-assigned to a certain stylistic direction, which greatly facilitates the selection process.

The philosophy of Ukrainian brands that bring the tenderness of womenswear to the world

A creative idea and its high-quality implementation are what will always distinguish Ukrainian branded dresses. The basis of the creation of each dress is the unchanging philosophy of the designer. Some consider it their mission to develop the female beginning through the dress. Someone calls to wear a dress every day, because they are convinced that it will turn into real female happiness. And someone recommends choosing something that shows the personality and its unique features.

However, all brands, despite different interpretations of the philosophy of their work, have a common idea. They came together to bring refinement and elegance to the world. Delivery to more than 50 countries is a clear example of this conscious ideological cooperation.

Each thing on the platform has its own history of creation, and each brand has its own work philosophy. Originality, freedom of thought and a rush of creativity are evident in real works of art. Not just creating a dress, but putting meaning into it is what the like-minded designers agreed on.

Using the best fabrics as an expression of love for our customers

All EXPANSION platform dresses are made of exclusively natural fabrics or fabrics based on natural components. The dress should not only look good, but also be soft to the touch and practical to use. That is why the following fabrics are used:

• Cotton

• Flax

• Wool

• Silk

• Viscose

• Batist and others

The process of creating a dress is also quite troublesome, because each model is made by hand. First, the fabric is selected in detail, which will suit the style and the idea. Then, a single copy is produced, which passes several stages of verification. It is worn, washed and ironed several times. The next step is the meeting of the expert commission, which determines the condition of the dress after wearing. If the quality meets the established norms, only then the dress is approved and included in the brand's collection.

It is also worth mentioning that designers use only fabric suppliers proven by time and experience for their dresses, so that no one ever doubts the quality of the purchased product.

Stylization of dresses of Ukrainian niche brands

Women's dresses of the best brands of Ukraine are absolutely universal in their styles. This means that they cover the style of any event in the client's life. On our site, in the "Clothing" section, you can buy dresses of the following categories:

  • Everyday

  • Business

  • Cocktail 

  • Evening

  • Night out

  • For official events

  • For parties

  • Plus size

All dresses on the website already have their own category, which is monitored by an independent certified fashion etiquette expert. In addition, the presented INSPIRATION block educates and inspires customers with the outfits of world-class stars and helps avoid mistakes in dress styling by analyzing them on the examples of others. And the possibility of 24/7 consultation will ease the pain of choosing, because the Customer Manager of the platform will easily choose a dress according to your wishes, style and size. Ukrainian designers' scrupulous approach to business and their habit of doing their work 100% is the key to the success of their business!

Why should you buy dresses on the EXPANSION website?

Exclusive, stylish, fashionable, refined and pretty elegant - all this is about the dresses of the EXPANSION platform. These are things that are endowed with meaning and love, the idea of ​​unity and the desire for beauty. If you have long dreamed of giving your wardrobe a new lease of life and changing your life, buy designer dresses from Ukrainian brands. 

A quality approach and due diligence is becoming an increasingly important element in buyers' choice of a trust platform, especially at a time when the offers available to them are diversifying. Quality is not only about a good product or service that exceeds standards, but also about the reputation we get for consistently providing our customers with decent service.

This applies to both offline and online sales, because keeping a high bar for your business is the number one task for those who promote the creation of high-quality service for clients. This philosophy has been followed by the project from the very beginning of its creation, as well as all the brands represented on the platform. EXPANSION is all about quality!