EXPANSION is a niche Ukrainian designers` platform, created to emphasise and reveal women's elegance and image. Our synergy inspires you to find your own style and individuality, helps you improve your knowledge of fashion etiquette and introduces you to world fashion trends.


All in One Place - this is what EXPANSION creates.

A careful selection of brands, niche designers, stylish and limited collections. We combine everything you need for your comfortable and quick search for what you want.

We create a harmonious image and an individual style to reflect the values ​​of every woman who wants to look confident and flawless.


Sharing not only aesthetics, but also the ability to form and understand them correctly is a unique feature of the EXPANSION project.

Only on our site will you find information on fashion etiquette from the leading Ukrainian experts in this field. It is they who will help determine all the taboos and must-have elements of styling your outfit and teach you how to dress in such a way as to impress everyone with sophisticated taste and form your own unique look, which is achieved by simple rules.


The EXPANSION platform covers all possible spaces. The online concept protects and emphasises your femininity wherever you are. And offline showrooms in Kyiv and Paris are happy to invite you to visit and feel by touch all the beauty and uniqueness of things, created by Ukrainians.


We want to share our idea as much as possible to open opportunities in search of the feminine elegance and grace in every woman's appearance.

July 12, 2022