At the mention of this special fabric, a feeling of slight warmth and coziness arises. Delicate, luxurious, and incredibly soft; these are just a few reasons why we love wearing cashmere so much. And cashmere is one of the most durable fibers. Experts say that clothes made of this delicate yarn will last for decades if you show it a little love and care.

Cashmere is a fragile, light, pleasant, and warm material - these are its undeniable advantages. There are only two disadvantages: the need for special care and the considerable cost of such products.

Here are some tips from EXPANSION on how to care for cashmere items.


Do not wash cashmere after each wear

Dry cleaning is not the only option for taking care of cashmere clothes. You can easily wash lightweight cashmere items like sweaters and dresses at home. Outerwear like coats, jackets, etc. is better to take to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning because one should not wash it at home.

We do not recommend wearing the same cashmere product several days in a row. Moreover, cashmere clothes absorb odors very much which is why they need fresh air and rest even if they have been lying in the closet for a while. We advise you to air your cashmere items not only after each wearing but also to take your entire cashmere collection out into the fresh air from time to time.


Carefully read what is written on the label

Because it is a very fine yarn, many cashmere items are marked "Dry Clean Only." But the fact is that cashmere is made of goat fluff, which, like our hair, becomes lush and shiny after a good "shower", and dry cleaning can damage the fibers over time. The exception is if the product is decorated with buttons, metal decor, embroidery, or beads. In this case, it makes sense to carefully follow the instructions on the label.


Wash by hands in calm water

Conventional washing powders and liquids are too harsh on cashmere, so use a mild detergent, good organic wool shampoo, or a biodegradable wool wash. Cashmere should be washed carefully, preferably by hand, and in a deep container. So the product will not spoil.


Do not hang cashmere things, but spread them out on the surface

Cashmere becomes very sensitive when its fibers get wet, so this stage requires special care. Did your favorite cashmere shawl get wet in the rain? Do not tumble dry or hang. The correct way is to dry the cashmere item naturally by gently spreading it on a flat surface.

A wet dress or pullover can be placed on a dry towel and carefully wrapped. As soon as the towel absorbs water, lay it out to dry, but not in the sun.


Only such thorough and gentle care will allow you to keep your favorite thing in good shape for many years. Yes, at first glance, caring for cashmere products may seem like hard work, but after the first experience of wearing such a wonderful, warm thing, you will change your first impression for the better. The only downside of cashmere is that its luxury and softness are addictive. Once you try it, it will be hard to go back to regular wool.

October 26, 2022