You can look stylish, feel confident in different situations and enjoy attention at any age. However, some items can not only emphasize the advantages of the figure but also refresh your image. Some work oppositely: they add extra age.

This article is about what to pay attention to when creating stylish images and how to emphasize your advantages.

General key tips

When putting together a wardrobe, you should correctly place the accents, determine the priorities in the created images and listen to the sense of proportion. It is not necessary to wear velvet dresses in everyday life, but teenage items will not suit an attractive woman either.

The material from which the clothes are made must be of high quality. It will not only allow you to feel confident but also emphasize status. As a characteristic style in clothes, I advise you to choose the classics. This style is appropriate for any occasion. It is characterized by elegance and femininity.

Three anti-age shades

White and milky. Items of light shades can refresh every image. Generally, it is believed that the older a woman is, the lighter her clothes should be. Of course, the black color will make you slimmer, but it will draw attention to skin imperfections and visually age you, so consider it when creating images. It especially applies to things and accessories worn near the face.

Blue and azure. Noble blue is considered the signature color of monarchs. This color makes the image livelier and fresher. However, you should also consider the contrast level of your appearance (hair, skin, and eye color) and choose shades that suit you. I advise you to replenish your wardrobe with things in pastel shades and to pay attention to blue things that will suit everyone.

Pink. Middle-aged women should avoid too bright pink "Barbie" shades and prefer powder colors; otherwise, one risks looking out of place. Soft pink wardrobe items can be worn near the face: they help to refresh the face and make the skin more alive and radiant.

Prints that add extra age

Floral print. Women over 40 should avoid large flowers in the portrait area, especially if such flowers are mixed with birds, butterflies, and feathers. Such an image will most likely fail. It is better to give preference to an unobtrusive print of small flowers, thereby avoiding excessive romanticism in the image.

Polka dots. You also have to be careful with polka dots, as this print often gives an unnecessary retro effect. If you decided on an item with such a print, then the silhouette and cut of the product should be relevant. We advise you to try to get away from the classic retro look with a dress and instead choose a more subtle option, for example, jeans, a trench coat, or a polka dot skirt.

We're not encouraging you to get rid of your favorite things, but we recommend that you read our simple style tips to always look flawless. However, remember that elegance in the image is not only about clothes: the way you present yourself, your gait, your gestures, and facial expressions will play a more significant role. After all, no shoes or makeup will refresh your image as a smile will.

November 02, 2022