The details of any image are of particular importance in the general appearance of a woman because they give perfection and completeness to the chosen style. In this sense, women's gloves are a completely unique item that has clear styling rules.


How to choose the right pair of gloves for the desired event?

The length and material of the gloves depend on the time and situation, so you should approach the choice responsibly enough. Wrist-length gloves are for everyday looks. Here you should give preference to leather or wool.

Gloves higher than the wrist by three to four centimeters are recommended to be styled with a coat or raincoat. "Three-quarter" gloves (thin leather, suede, or silk) are suitable for both everyday and formal occasions. They will be able to perfectly complement the evening image of a woman, revealing all the elegance of her movements.


Etiquette norms of women's gloves

According to the rules of etiquette, women's gloves are a very demanding thing in the wardrobe. Thus when greeting, men take off their gloves, while women do not need to do this; the only exception is a religious center.

One should always remove knitted gloves and mittens with outer clothing.

If gloves are a part of one's evening look, a woman can bare her hands or one arm during dinner. In this case the gloves are placed next to or on the knees but never on the table. Jewelry is allowed to be worn over gloves only if you are not going to take them off.


About the stylization of women's gloves

If you want gloves to be an addition to your evening look, remember that lace or thin fabric gloves combine with evening dresses. The length of the gloves depends on the length of the sleeve of the dress: the shorter it is, the longer this accessory is.

The color of the gloves worn for warmth in the cold season should be in harmony with the shoes and handbag. In autumn and winter, leather or suede models in muted shades are perfect. You can wear gloves with any outerwear, paying attention only to the length of the sleeve to choose the right height for this accessory.


Probably, no other detail can give such sophistication to the image as women's gloves do. They emphasize the grace of movements, the tenderness of a woman's style, and the fragility of a real lady's hand. Correct styling, in this case, is a necessary condition in everyone's life.

October 19, 2022