A hat is not a mandatory part of a woman's wardrobe, but it is a convenient accessory for creating an authoritative image and a sophisticated style. In general, hat etiquette is not only the rules of wearing, but also the ability to choose the right hat according to the occasion, style, face type and figure.

When is it appropriate for a woman to take off her hat?

Complementing your image with a hat, first of all familiarize yourself with the rules of handling it and modern etiquette. After all, it is advisable to wear a thing when you are confident in your own style. Etiquette rules regarding the use of this spectacular accessory have fundamentally different approaches.

Yes, a man must remove his hat when entering the premises and raise it during the greeting. A woman does not need to do this if the hat is part of a complete image during a social or official event. But in everyday life, if your hat is a headdress, take it off when entering the premises. In a business environment, always leave a hat in the wardrobe together with outerwear.

How to choose the right hat according to the type of your appearance?

The choice of this headdress completely depends on the appearance, the shape of the face and even the character. The shorter the woman, the smaller the hat should be. Large hats with wide brims are suitable for tall, slender women.

If the shape of your face is more rounded, it is recommended to wear hats with edges, such as panamas, or voluminous berets. Hats-pills are not suitable for this type of face. If the face has sharp corners, then give preference to models with falling, lowered edges. If it is more elongated, then pay attention to hats with raised brims.

How to skillfully style a hat?

In everyday life, it is not recommended to wear hats with a jacket, it is better to choose a coat or raincoat. A white hat (with or without a veil) can be worn even by a bride. Hats with a veil are an exclusively evening or mourning accessory.

If your clothes are dominated by black, but you definitely want to wear a white headdress, then it is better to add a white detail to your clothes - it can be a brooch, a handkerchief, a light scarf. In general, a women's hat will be a stylish solution for a dress, and for pants, and for a business suit. The main thing is the right combination of colors.

Women's hats can be winter, demi-season and summer. They can protect us from cold, moisture, heat and other adverse weather conditions. Therefore, if you skillfully choose a hat to match your image, it will put an elegant end to your impeccable style.

September 14, 2022