The variety of this year's trends in fashionable autumn shoes is simply stunning. Seasonal novelties combine not only beauty and unusualness, but also comfort and practicality. So it's time to get acquainted: dear ladies, to your attention, trendy autumn shoes 2022.


Shoes with non-standard heels

The main goal of the trend is to be remembered for its uniqueness and appear on the front pages of the world's most fashionable publications. That is why designers fantasize about the specific details of their products as much as possible. This time it came down to an ordinary women's heel. More precisely, unusual.

Various structures of heels radically change any outfit, giving it a special charm of mystery. You can experiment with the shape as you like: rectangular, crescent, at an angle, Cuban, comma, cone, trapezoid, French - a choice for every taste. Well, in terms of color, go more to the classics to give the shoes practicality and versatility of styling.

Shoes with a strap

Fashion is a completely cyclical thing, which is why shoes with a strap are, rather, the return of a trend than its initiation. This type of fastener is very reliable and convenient. It looks appropriate on any category of shoes: loafers, ballet flats, boots, shoes and more.

It is best this season to give preference to where the strap is located on the upper part of the foot, because in this way it will definitely be noticeable and also comfortable for walking. If you like the classics, choose a minimalist strap. If for experiments - massive. Remember: the larger this detail, the bolder the look.

Wide boots

Boots have remained an unchanged trend for several seasons now. And it is not surprising, because these shoes visually make the length of the legs longer than they actually are. Wide boots deserve special attention this season.

The free form of these shoes attracts with its freedom. Also, an important factor in the trend is the comfort of a woman while walking. As for the silhouette itself, cone-shaped boots are at the peak of the season, but they will not suit everyone, because everything depends on the structure of the lower part of the leg. Well, the bright color of shoes in the midst of autumn's depressing weather will be a plus both for your image and for the mood of passers-by.

Multicolored platform

Massiveness remains in trends with minimal changes. From now on, shoes with a colored high platform will be the most relevant. Moreover, the colors themselves should be chosen bright to add emphasis to the image and attract attention.

It is best to style shoes with a colored platform in combination with an accessory or an element of clothing of a similar color. Thus, shoes will become not only a separate trendy element of the seasonal wardrobe, but also a harmonious part of a complete image. And also pay attention to the structure of the platform itself. Can it be ordinary in this color?

Usually, when we hear the phrase "trendy thing" in our imagination, the image of something uncomfortable, too frank and not suitable for everyone appears. However, fashionable seasonal shoes 2022 have freed us from this stereotype and reminded us that comfort and practicality are a trend that resonates with eternity.

September 07, 2022