In 2022, blue and yellow became the colors of indomitability and freedom around the world, which, of course, caused a wave of fashion trends in the coming seasons. Patriotic drops with thematic prints and phrases, which are a symbol of the war in Ukraine, are currently used as a basis for dozens of not only Ukrainian but also foreign brands when creating their collections. This article is there to help you understand the intricacies of the choice so that this trend is not only a conscious manifestation of your views but also a carefully thought-out part of your style.



Standing at the crossroads of choosing any element of your wardrobe, always choose those products that attract you with their simplicity. After all, in this way, you will be able to concisely combine them in your outfits and look stylish and elegant. These days, this is mostly true of things with patriotic prints. Avoid bulky letters or pictures, replacing them with minimalist lettering.



The biggest problem in choosing things with patriotic patterns is the appropriateness of the purchased item. Appearing in public in a T-shirt with a message to a Russian ship about the direction of movement will be somewhat incorrect because the obscene language on your clothes will easily amuse your neighbours, but it will definitely not emphasize professional qualities in the working atmosphere. Remember also the ethical reasons that prompt you to choose a particular piece of clothing. After all, statements of this type should not become the accepted norm, no matter how popular they are.



In the context of colors, there are a few stylistic rules to follow when looking for patriotic drops. Both yellow and blue differ from other shades in their color saturation. Sometimes this saturation can play a bad joke with your image because not every appearance can withstand the persistence of blue and yellow together. That is why choose pastel versions of these colors or alternate between bright and sullen.



The key difference between patriotic drops and items from regular brand collections is that they always carry a special meaning. What message do you want to convey by choosing a particular inscription? Will people understand you? Does a thing have the deep meaning that was laid at the time of its creation? Don't forget to ask yourself questions and answer them, because clothes are more than just a piece of fabric.

Most likely, things with patriotic symbols will forever become an important element in the wardrobe of at least every Ukrainian, because they are already part of our history and national memory. Right now, more than ever before, it is necessary to support Ukrainians, because they are also competing on the battlefield in the name of a great victory.

August 10, 2022