At first we watch the shifting of the fashion trends on podiums,  later - in fashion magazines, on bloggers’ pages, on shelves of a clothing store. It’s challenging to follow the volatility of the trends. To choose from fashion looks anything realistic for everyday life could be even more complicated.

The expert team of EXPANSION has analyzed the main trends of 2023 and selected those ones which harmonically fit into your casual wardrobe.



Tweed was long associated with the strict costumes of Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II. And recently besides Chanel other experienced and emerging designers have started using this fabulous textured fabric. On the podium we are watching things of unusual silhouettes and combinations of tweed and other fabrics. We suggest focusing on the classical skirt suit that fits nicely to every woman. Moreover you are able to wear a jacket separately with other looks.

Tube dress

Women’s collections in last seasons were globally influenced by menswear and oversize silhouettes. Due to a variety of reasons in the season of 2023 femininity is the trend. The skin-tight tube dress accents the soft body lines. Exposed shoulders line evokes gentleness. The slit design reveals the sexual appeal.


Lime or Acid Green

There has been a lot of talk about this year’s color according to Pantone Viva Magenta, therefore we would like you to pay attention to something more special. It is Acid Green or Lime. It has loudly sounded during the shows by Fendi, Jonathan Simkhai та  Stella McCartney. This is a color of braveness. Acid Green gives you energy, awakening the interest in your personality. Make a choice to a total look so your outfit surely gives you confidence and raises the mood of the surroundings.


The beret was a favorite among style icons of the ’60s and ’70s. Along its return in the ‘90s, the beret made a nod toward retro style and stayed the same. The contemporary beret has changed with other material, such as leather or neon colors such as Acid Green that we’ve described above. Despite modifications the beret always fills the look of romantic mood which becomes the main line of season 2023.

Addressing fashion trends to romantic and elegant style influences on woman style positively. The skin-tight cuts of dresses make women remember of her gentleness, tweed costumes - of her graze. And the contemporary beret is a playful accent for everyday outfit.

January 06, 2023