Tenacious courage, victory at Eurovision 2022, 4 bairaktars in 3 days. This is the small part for which Ukrainians are known to the world. Our songs are listened to and re-sung, our cuisine is included in the UNESCO heritage, and the colors of our flag decorate cafes and restaurants, streets and parks on all corners of the planet. So let's talk about blue and yellow - colors that matter.

In March, Pantone, a color selection company, dedicated two shades to Ukrainians. Guess which ones? Yes, our blue has become a symbol of will and freedom, and yellow - energy and indomitability. At the same time, inspired by such a decision of a world-famous company, those who care about the fate of Ukraine began to dress in the colors of our flag as a sign of solidarity and respect. Among such personalities are Hollywood stars, influencers, models and even ordinary retirees. Read about the most interesting outfits in this article.

Models choose blue-yellow

Recently, Iryna Sheik - a world-famous model born in Russia - was spotted on a walk with her daughter in blue and yellow. Before that, Iryna repeatedly called on her audience to financially support Ukrainians affected by the war and to help them morally.

The woman perfectly understands that the lion's share of her audience supports the war in Ukraine, and therefore tries to convey the truth to them.

On the right - blue, on the left - yellow, and in the heart - love for Ukraine

A student from Paris wears an outfit every day with a mandatory element - socks in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. In addition, she wears them under classic sandals.

With such an audacious violation of fashion etiquette, the girl seeks to draw the attention of her peers to the issues of the war in Ukraine and call on them to support those who were forced to leave their homes, without taking with them even the usual elements of clothing.

"Someone is able to break the rules of style by adding extra details to their outfit, while for someone these details would not be extra at all," the Parisian emphasizes.

An elevator with blue-yellow energy

You can talk about it forever, but it's worth seeing once. Berlin-based stylist Frank Wilde posts a photo of himself in an elevator every day. And, it seemed, there is nothing special about it, but the color palette of his clothes daily includes blue and yellow in various variations of their shades. In this way, Frank draws public attention to the war in Ukraine, showing creativity and endurance, because he has been doing this since the beginning of the war.

The queen learns new colors

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain also came out with a message of support for Ukraine. In general, the woman is famous for her truly royal outfits, and her favorite detail is a hat that matches the colors of the image.

With such a gesture, Elizabeth showed the whole world that she believes in the victory of Ukraine. So let's not argue with the queen!

July 13, 2022