As the new season is coming on, fashion offers us a pile of trends that are often contradictory.
How not get lost among the huge number of offers and create one's wardrobe in order to be trendy? And the most important is how to keep a fine line between own style and fickle fashion?

I am Anastasiia Ivanova, a designer and a fashion expert, have created the hot-trends compilation, which would help you complete the perfect wardrobe for the spring-summer 2022.
Take fashion trends as mood boards which will become a good base for your own images. Your task is to choose those trends that will highlight your personality remaining beloved for the following years.


To the delight of minimalists there will be a great number of total white outfits. If you need only the suit, choose white one - it always looks fresh and aristocratic. 

White - is fundamental color, which easily matches any other color and texture. And now, white this color is becoming one of the key-colors of the season.

Сlothes are the wordless message to the people around. With it's help you steal the show or avoid it if you want. Believe my experience and special love to white color. In white you will never be unnoticed.

White color is the color of purity and perfection. If you are in white, people might treat you as a mannered person with delicious sense of style. 

This color is really makes you be disciplined and decent. It's a good challenge to wear white clothes and remain clean at the end of the day. Experience the magic of this color.


It may seem strange, but strict business suits and sheath dresses, that match office dress codes, have returned to the catwalk. And it happened during the period of the pandemic when everyone is already getting used to the remote form of work and freestyle in clothing. But this is the secret: we are tired of home walls, we miss offline life, and the business outfit sets up for work, disciplines, and promotes self-organization. The perfect cut, graceful lines, feminine details, and noble fabrics create the perfect elegant look.

Business style appreciates ​​restraint, good quality clothes, and impeccable cut. Please do not forget that business etiquette does not accept bright and vulgar details. Emphasize the cleanliness and tidiness of the look.
But, at the same time, your look should remain feminine. Pat more attention to the dresses or skirts of copper length in combination with jackets.
Last season, oversized jackets predominated, and this spring-summer season is the time to try on jackets of your size.


Classic pastel tones do not go out of fashion, they remain in the palette of the new season. So, a long beige coat with a straight cut will be appropriate for the wardrobe. Lavender shade is still topical, which goes well with yellow, blue, and green. The main color this year is purple Very Peri, but I advise you to pay attention to the general purple-pink range.


Boldly outfit, imitating lingerie, became a cult in the '90s, and today, the satin version, remains one of the favorites. To adapt the slip dress for the current season, I recommend combining it with a contrasting jacket or a plain coat with a classic cut.


This trend appeared last year, although it reminds 90's and 2000's. In 2022 cropped blazers remain very updated. I firmly recommend it too short and slim girls who want to enrich their wardrobe with this trendy item. 

May 06, 2022