When the eternal question "What to wear?!" is resolved, each of us faces the dilemma of choosing the perfect shoes for the created outfit. It is especially difficult to do this in the summer because not getting confused in the entire range of offered units is a matter that requires knowledge of trends and style grammar. So read this article about the shoes to be preferred in the summer.

The best time to experiment with the heels


Heels are liked by everyone because it is something that emphasizes the beauty of the ankles. And the balance forcing the hips to move while walking makes the way a woman walks sexier and more attractive. Thus, feeling self-confident, we stubbornly do not want to give up heels, no matter how impractical and uncomfortable they are.

That is why shoes will be an eternal trend of women's style with a change in one feature - the very structure of the heels. Nowadays, various geometric shapes are in fashion. Charochka, wedge-shaped, column or flare heel, wedge - the assortment here is worthy of your attention. And if you want to experiment with the color, it will become a double accent in your image. Currently, bright shades are in fashion, which will easily make a woman's appearance expressive.

Remember the appropriateness or how not to come to a business meeting in sandals


Summer is a time of absolute rest but not for everyone. Most of us continue to go to the office and adhere to the business dress code, but sometimes due to the season, we make inappropriate mistakes. Yes, in a conservative business, you can't open your toes, no matter how perfect your pedicure is. Open heels are acceptable, open toes are not.

So swap your sandals for structured loafers for the season or opt for closed-toe ballet flats. Remember that the color of your business shoes should not be too bright. Expressiveness, openness and excessive freedom of choice should be left outside the office.

Comfort in the chosen shoes is the key to a good summer evening


Pre-selected shoes that will match the trends and emphasize the tenderness and grace of a woman's walk will help make an evening summer walk unforgettable. Nothing ruins life like uncomfortable shoes. Therefore, if the new crystal shoes don't fit your feet in the morning, they won't fit even more in the evening, when it's time to go to the ball. So replace them with silk ballet flats of any color: from lilac to pistachio. Everyone will feel a special lightness in them.

We also recommend turning to a mule. Here, the range of choices is extremely diverse: mesh, on shaped heels or with an elongated toe. And if you're into ethnic motifs this season, consider knitted mules. The weaving technique can be chosen as freely as the colors you want to combine in your summer shoes.

August 17, 2022