The main mood of the fashion trends of autumn 2022 can be described in one word: practicality. These are clothes that are easy to style, but look amazing every time. It is a comfort in everyday life, but with the addition of personality expression. So, read this article about what will stylishly complete your outfits in the next season.


Coats in maxi length

One of the most relevant outerwear options for the upcoming season is a long maxi coat. The cut of the chosen coat should be chosen as desired: single-breasted or double-breasted, oversized or straight cut. Colorists recommend giving preference to all shades of brown: cappuccino, chocolate, cinnamon, caramel.

When choosing a maxi coat, you should also pay attention to the details: sleeves, additional pockets, jewelry. Yes, the fall season of 2022 calls us to choose voluminous long sleeves. An interesting and stylish solution will be a coat with pockets on the chest or in general along the entire length. Well, jewelry buttons will elegantly complete the look.

Total jeans

An all-denim look is a '90s trend that's making a comeback this season. Particular attention should be paid to the color of denim, since it is the overall look that depends on it: this fall, it gives preference to very light or later changed variations.

As for the clothing category, it is best to complement your wardrobe with overalls and denim shirts, in addition to classic jeans. Complete the look with your favorite glasses and bag. Also a stylish look is the combination of total denim with massive accessories in the form of earrings or a pendant.


Corsets in images are a very unpredictable thing, but their incorrect stylization will lead to the fact that your image will be vulgarized. That is why forget about lace and transparency in the chosen piece of clothing and choose laconic corsets of simple colors and silhouettes.

You can add a corset to your image as both a main element and an accessory by wearing it over outerwear. A corset with cups will be stylishly combined with loose pants or your favorite skirt. But if you chose a corset without cups, always wear it under a low-cut shirt, a thin sweater or just a t-shirt.


Shoes above the knee

Shoes above the knees will take the crown of the future season among the trends. Leather boots with a heel can both flow around the silhouette of the knee and be free. Also in fashion are natural leather substitutes and suede, which is familiar to everyone. Well, for expression, it is recommended to experiment with a hairpin and color.

As for appropriate styling, they go well with mini skirts and dresses, because they emphasize the sexuality and elegance of a woman's gait. They can also be easily combined with outerwear, especially with a long coat. It will also be appropriate to combine it with clothes that have a cut for a leg in the front.

In the search for your own style each season, choose appropriate trends and do not forget that clothes and shoes, first of all, should be comfortable and to your liking. After all, in modern life it is very important not to lose yourself in the fast pace of changing fashion trends.

August 24, 2022