The beach, the hot sun and a cold cocktail - this is the time when you can really relax. However, even in such a seemingly relaxed atmosphere, there is a place for fashion etiquette. This article will help you carefully think through each of your looks on vacation and avoid mistakes in the stylization and appropriateness of the outfits.


"Swimsuit" from the word "to swim"


While enjoying a vacation, people often forget etiquette when styling their clothing. Yet, it clearly defines where and how to wear a swimsuit as the main element of a woman's beach wardrobe. Do not forget that the main purpose of this type of clothing is to create a comfortable vacation on the beach or near the lake, sea, or pool, and therefore all other reasons for wearing a swimsuit will be considered a «mauvais ton».

If you want to walk around the recreation area or even leave its borders, then clothing over a swimsuit should be a mandatory element. In such cases, it is recommended to give preference to a classic linen dress shirt, or a tunic, or style it as a pareo dress. The semi-transparency of the chosen fabric is allowed, so we recommend choosing chiffon, which will add lightness and tenderness to your image.


From the ship - to the ball, and from the beach - immediately to the restaurant


During the summer holidays, you should always remember one important rule: not changing your beach look if you plan to go to a restaurant, even if it is located nearby, is a significant violation of fashion etiquette. The sand falling from your shoes is better left where it belongs, and a wet swimsuit should be changed in the changing room, so as not to create discomfort for yourself or others.

Yet, we recommend turning to outfits, first of all, of light fabrics and styles that will create the energy of tenderness and fragility. A dress (preferably midi/maxi) or a summer suit made of linen fabrics or thin poplin are the best. And crochet dresses will help you look feminine and elegant.


Hats are not only about safety but also about style


The most necessary element of beach outfits is, without a doubt, a headdress. In the summer, it will help protect the face, hair and body from ultraviolet rays and provide a harmless tan. And it is also a great way to attract attention with the originality of your image. After all, in this case, you can safely experiment with colors, styles of sides and additional accessories.

When choosing a hat to compliment you looks, pay special attention to what is most relevant in the season. In 2022, absolute variety is in trend: straw hats with a high waist and wide voluminous brims of non-standard design and color. However, if you prefer pastel shades, pay attention to the decorative details.


A beach bag is must-have number one


The beach bag has its unique role in styling outfits because vacation is the only occasion when we can add this element to our image. That is why you should always avoid office and everyday types of bags because they already have their purpose. And using ordinary cardboard or cellophane bags as beach bags will kill your style, even if it is a bag from a recent purchase in a luxury boutique.

When choosing beach bags, you`d better refer to the trends. Currently, woven shoppers (string bags or our "avoska") are in fashion. We also recommend paying attention to voluminous woven bags with long or round handles, because they are extremely comfortable in usage and capacious. And you are allowed to experiment with the shape: dome, sling, saddle bag, hobo - it all depends on your preferences.


Beach etiquette is an important topic that is often overlooked. However, it is precisely a woman's observance of the rules of fashion etiquette where they are forgotten that makes her a real lady.

July 27, 2022