The fewer restrictions, the more mistakes women make.

EXPANSION proposes to look into this issue.

Cocktail is an evening social event, not too solemn and, as a rule, is held from 17:00 to 20:00.

Third-level meetings usually accompany conferences, presentations, boutique openings, exhibition openings - they suggest a slight degree of finery.

Evening meetings are quite light, usually with drinks and a buffet.

The ideal length of the dress for the Cocktail dress code will be mini or midi.

When choosing a dress, follow the unspoken rule: the more open at the top, the more closed at the bottom, and vice versa.

In summer, it is better to choose a cocktail dress that is more open, which is sewn in light colors from light materials: silk, crepe de chine, chiffon. In winter, deep shades of blue, purple, black and red are traditionally used.

Do not wear a cocktail (Cocktail) long evening dress and tight black tights.

Also, in this list of "taboos", I would add warm shoes: ankle boots, boots.

The Cocktail dress code provides elegant and elegant shoes with heels. No sports shoes and casual style, unless the organizers of the event have special wishes in this regard.

There is a rule: before 20:00 evening attire and bright, flashy jewelry are unacceptable.

It is not recommended to wear a full set of jewelry: earrings, bracelets, necklace and rings. Focus on two subjects.

Taboo-big bags and backpacks, even famous brands.

The right choice is a small handbag that perfectly matches the color of the dress, which serves as a decorative accessory.

The invitation may not specify a dress code (dress-code), but then the time is prescribed, which will help a person with similar experience to choose the right outfit:

  • during the day-business casual clothes;
  • during the transition period (17: 00-20: 00) - cocktail dress or elegant NOT classic suit;
  • in the evening-a spectacular outfit.

The absence of instructions about the desired clothes does not mean that you should forget about the rules of a decent suit – this is very important!

May 20, 2022