In an area where customer confidence is equal to profit, the traditional image speaks of reliability and gives confidence.

In this article, I will explain in detail what the Business Best dress code means, in which cases it is necessary, and save you from common mistakes and help you make the right first impression.

BB (Business Best) - the most formal of business dress codes. The concept itself translates as "the strictest business suit". Top managers, company executives, or government officials are the ones who need this dress code and need to meet it.

The status and scope of activities may vary, depending on the degree of conservatism of its appearance.

If you work in top management or your business is related to people of this level, the Business Best dress code is a must for you.

No matter how fast the modern tendency to erase conventions is gaining momentum, there remains a high-ranking segment where strictness and clarity are the main rules.

Business Best for Women

Business Best is a dress code of a fierce competition world, where a woman needs to keep herself dignified and prove herself as a professional. This is the case when every detail of your look should be flawless. A woman's business attire is a statement that she is a strong player in the business, and her position on an equal place with other senior executives, especially men.

Classic businesswoman suit: it is a neutral shade, the best shades of blue, gray, beige, and burgundy, but without shimmer. Non-contrasting thin stripe is permissible. The blouse should be opaque, monochrome, not silk. I recommend clothes made of high-quality cotton weaving.

The skirt or dress length is at or just below the knee.
Acceptable combinations: dress, blouse, and skirt or trouser suit.

Regardless of the season - transparent body-colored stockings are required. I emphasize that in summer the legs are not exposed. The classic shoes should cover the heel and toes. Wear a pin or gait shoes is unacceptable. The height of the heels of your shoes should not exceed 5-7 cm.

The hairstyle is collected and well-groomed, for example, a ponytail or hair-styling if the haircut is short. Curls, loose hair, braids, or bouffants are not welcome. Restrained make-up - no bright accents, false eyelashes, or blush. I recommend dull shades of makeup that match your skin tone.

Dear businesswomen, I also want to add a few tips for you: in no case do not seduce the client, do not choose tight-fitting clothes, and avoid the styles that emphasize the frame of your body. This is a business.

Business Best for Men

It is always a business suit, dark shades, single or double. Government officials are allowed to wear only a two-piece suit, ie a single-breasted suit with three buttons. The hard shoulder line of the jacket would make your outfit more composure and solid. Only a classic white shirt is appropriate with a suit. For an evening event, a dark blue, or dark gray suit. I do not recommend a black suit in business. Because black is more about social events. Pay attention to the fabric quality, seams, fit, and lack of "shimmer». Matte texture and neutral accessories are suitable options for men's dress code. Shoes are classic on laces: oxfords, derbies, brogues on a leather sole.

According to my observations, a typical mistake of men in the BB dress code - is inappropriate golfs or socks. Under no circumstances the strip of the bare leg should not be visible. I recommend golfs in dark matte shades to match the shoes. It is important that they fit snugly and completely cover the leg in a sitting position. This mistake was made even by the presidents of the countries and spoils the impression of a representative person.

The rule of aggressive resistant perfumes applies to both sexes - such fragrance would be superfluous. No one should be distracted from business tasks by flair your perfume.

When choosing accessories for the Business Best dress code, I recommend remembering the following three rules: neutral accessories, minimal decor, and emphasis on formality. Such details can play a crucial role - as in the case of employees of one large bank, where was a strict wrist straps requirement. The leather strap was better than the metal one because the sound of the metal distracted customers.

The Business Best dress code - is not the one you can save money on, any attempt would be noticeable and would lead to only one - they want to make money on you too. I highlight that all elements of the wardrobe for this dress code must be high quality and match the regulations. You are like a visualization of status and success, as well as reliability and security for customers and partners - this is the aura that should be transmitted from you.

May 06, 2022