The right Business casual looks appropriate in the office, elegant and collected, but, thanks to the relaxation of everyday elements, not too formal.

The specifics of the dress code depend on the company you work for and the position you hold. This is an original business chic that does not tolerate sloppiness, but allows comfort, ease, relaxation and freedom from demanding office style. It gives you the opportunity to emphasize your individuality and taste.

In the modern world, the number of supporters of Business casual is growing more and more: they are mainly managers, corporate employees, young entrepreneurs, people of creative professions.

It is also successfully used outside the office: after all, it is extremely advantageous to feel comfortable, confident and original, while broadcasting your sophistication, concentration and success to the world.

Business informal style is also called "free Friday": Friday in the office, when you have the freedom to show individuality in the image.

How to adhere to the perfection of the Business casual dress code?

There is always a place for informality, relaxation, but he will not tolerate negligence. Everyday items in a business wardrobe require a serious approach to choosing the quality of things, their composition and cut. It is important to be meticulous about the combinations of colors and textures, the choice of accessories, combining them in such a way as to present yourself as a business elegant person.

Business casual is a uniform dress code, which allows jeans and knitwear, minimal interspersing of sports, thoughtful layering in clothing. But, of course, worn jeans, colored knitted things and beach sandals are not about Business casual. Choose things of high quality, adhere to the correct structure of the image.

Examples of Business casual clothing for men: a suit without a tie (the top button of the shirt will be unbuttoned), jeans with a golf or polo, shoes, as an option — laconic sneakers. For women: not too formal suit, fashionable dress, trousers with a top, shoes — any, except sports or too decorated.

Taboo of the "free Friday" dress code:

  • shabby or fringed jeans;
  • crumpled clothes;
  • mini skirts and mini shorts;
  • t-shirts with inscriptions and slogans;
  • voluminous knitwear;
  • t-shirts and combinations;
  • short (above the waist) as well as transparent tops;
  • hiking boots and running shoes;
  • slippers and sandals.

A few more remarks about the shoe wardrobe: such seasonal shoes as boots are replaced with shoes in the office, from summer shoes, give preference to pairs with a closed toe.

Business informal style is acceptable in offices where there is no strict dress code, as well as in official institutions. We found out that "free Friday" gives a certain freedom, but it is not a reason to dress casually, but it provides a chance to emphasize your uniqueness and taste. And let me remind you: choosing outfits for the day, we choose the mood and style of behavior.

May 20, 2022