Looking for simplicity in stylizing our outfits, we unconsciously form the misconception that all comfortable clothes should be classified as casual. However, such a generalization often results in unacceptable errors in fashion etiquette. Therefore, why casual is not such an easy style and how to understand it, read the article.

It is generally accepted that the casual style is comfortable clothes with a simple silhouette, which is recommended to be worn outside the office. However, this is far from the case. In general, this style has the following main sub-styles: chic casual, simple casual, respect casual and smart casual. Let's examine each of them more thoroughly!

Chic Casual

The main idea of ​​this style can be rephrased as follows: combine the incompatible. For example, sexy stilettos with ordinary jeans. However, remember that coming to the office like this is a "mauvais tone", so it is better to save this sexiness just for a walk. This style is not suitable for everyone because it requires adventurousness and expression from the individual. So if you have been thinking about how to attract attention for a long time, chic casual is a great option.

Simple Casual


The name of this style inspires hope in the simplicity of choosing clothes, but this is far from the case. Simple casual is more about the image of a person in clothes, than clothes that make up their image. In other words, it is the ability to wear loose-fitting clothes but look stylish. Here are some rules regarding which clothes are suitable for the style:

  • Clean, neat and orderly. Despite the silhouettes of clothes, it is worth understanding that in casual style, as well as in its sub-styles, composure is important. Carelessness in clothing will never become an element of fashion etiquette, so avoid it in your outfits.
  • Jeans are allowed. Simple casual isn't too picky when it comes to the colour of your denim. You can choose black or beige for a more restrained look, but blue does not add to the list of taboos for simple casual.

Where to wear it? Prefer simple casual when you go for a walk or run errands. It is comfortable and quite easy to style, so it is well suited for everyday life.

Respect Casual


When choosing clothes for this style, you will need translation skills. In the language of stylists, it means casual, which causes respect. This is a style that can be characterized by the phrase "business spice": for example, a suit with a classic cut, but an unusual fabric texture or with the addition of interesting, but sophisticated accessories. The colour of the clothes should not be too expressive: remember the details, not the loudness of the chosen shade. With respect to casual clothes, you can safely go to a conference and meet business partners, if the event does not have an atmosphere of strict formality. It is suitable for everyone who wants to maintain their uniqueness within the walls of the office.

Smart Casual


It is often confused with the previous one, but there is definitely a noticeable difference between them. The fact is that smart casual is a simplified version of business casual. If you work in a private company where there is no clearly defined dress code, choose smart casual. For a properly formed image in this style, combine formality and informality. Classic dark blue pants with a shirt with an unique print or, on the contrary, a white or black top with an accented bottom: skirts of an interesting shape or a non-standard colour. However, shoes in smart casual should always be functional and well-kept.

As you can see, casual is a rather tricky stylistic direction, but it suits absolutely everyone. That is why studying the rules of fashion etiquette serves as a guide for you on the way to finding your vision.

And finally, let me remind you that when choosing a style, you should understand all its subtleties well because an incorrectly formed image not only hides your personality but also creates a false impression of others, which is extremely difficult to change later.

July 07, 2022