About the brand
The history of the brand begins with the inspiration of the artist Svetlana Snizhko, which is embodied in the products of the picture were created with love and spark in the eyes, and then carefully transferred to silk, creating a stylish accessory with an embroidery of the amulet.
The brand`s philosophy
«Obiimy» is a soft touch for your body. With all the tenderness of Ukrainian nature, the vibrant colours of the paintings and the power of the charms of our ancestors.
Why did OBIIMY become a part of the EXPANSION project?
  • It shows the world the beauty of Ukrainian culture and the talent of our people.
  • The brand uses only high-quality material and authentic ideas.
  • The products of the brand carry a magical power that protects the owner from all troubles.
Ukrainian national embroidery is the ancient good symbols-defenders, signs that bring happiness, well-being, wealth, improve health.
July 27, 2022