About the brand

SELERA is a brand for women who love and value themselves as they are.
The brand was created in 2020 by designer and stylist Valeria Semchuk.
 The brand’s philosophy 
The main principle of the SELERA brand is that the best feature of a woman is her natural beauty because every girl is beautiful in her own way.
Why did SELERA become a part of the EXPANSION project?
  • The brand appeals to your individuality. Every woman is unique and beautiful, and therefore clothes are designed to emphasize her natural beauty.
  • SELERA uses high-quality natural fabrics or fabrics based on natural raw materials.
  • Each thing goes through many stages of production and evaluation. After creating a sketch and selecting the fabric, the brand produces one sample of a specific model. Then it carefully assesses the condition of the clothes after wearing, washing and ironing. Only after completing the test and applying possible changes, it is decided whether it is worth launching the model into mass production.
  • SELERA cares about the eco-component in the production process: the rational way of producing clothes and the use of eco-packaging avoids the accumulation of residues.
SELERA is about style. Each item of the brand corresponds to the latest trends in the fashion market. Choose quality and love yourself. Choose SELERA.
July 26, 2022