About the brand

Etape is a Ukrainian brand of exclusive hand-made bags, shoes and accessories, made from premium Italian leather of highest level of dressing.
The founders of the brand have big experience in the fashion business, representing many of the world's accessory brands in Ukraine for 15 years. 


The brand`s philosophy

The main idea of brand is to give the customers the feeling of uniqueness and individuality, combined with versatility and easе of use.
The concept of brand - simple and laconic beauty and luxurious looking base.


Why did ETAPE become a part of the EXPANSION project?

  • Ètape makes deliveries all over the world and continue to work during the war, despite all the obstacles.

  • Icon of ÈTAPE is the TOY BAG. The name speaks for itself - this bag was made so cute and attractive, that it began more than bag - it became the real toy for its owners.

  • The brand was founded based on 15 years of designers` experience. They decided to use the knowledge to create their own brand with both design and quality that can satisfy the most sophisticated customer.



"Capturing simplicity" is exactly the concept that inspires the designers of the ETAPE brand to create small masterpieces for their customers.

Laconic and clean lines in the leather collection of shoes and bags emphasize the minimalist beauty of each model of the ETAPE brand.

August 23, 2022