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A jacket is an essential attribute of your business wardrobe, as well as a mandatory part of a classic women's suit - worn only over a shirt, blouse, or top. This piece of clothing is definitely the one to be in every woman wardrobe since it is a simple but chic way to style their work outfits. This is also one of the highlights at the EXPANSION platform and the bestseller of products made by the best Ukrainian designers.

The best jackets of Ukrainian brands that meet all the rules of the fashionable dress code are presented on the EXPANSION platform. There are many brands that manufacture women's jackets in Ukraine, but only here are the best of the best that professionally organize their work and create a quality product that every woman needs to buy. For any occasion and to any body type, these are a perfect match. 

Rules for choosing a women's jacket

There are a number of universal rules to choose this specific type of clothing for any case. For example, it is recommended to wear a long blazer over a short bottom or, conversely, a short one with a voluminous and long bottom.

• If you are a tall slender woman, a longer jacket is more suitable for you, it is also better if the pockets are patch pockets.

• Short nice jackets are recommended for short ladies.

• Vertical stripes or lines in the cut of the top womenwear will emphasize the slenderness and elegance of your figure. Details such as the way the fabric is draped, the color of the suit, will help you create the look of a fit business woman.

• A classic jacket can be straight, semi-fitted or fitted. Its length is determined by body proportions. If you are tall and have a long torso, a suit in which the top and bottom are the same length or a suit with a long skirt and a long blazer will suit you.

• A short jacket in combination with a long bottom - a skirt or trousers is suitable for short women.

Practicality of jackets and other rules

Practicality of this type of attire is due to the fact that they lengthen the body and suit everyone. It is also profitable to buy if you have wide hips and want them to be visually smaller - such a jacket is able to hide problem areas. However, the one that is too long visually shortens the legs, which is not desirable.

The shoulder line in a jacket is no less important than its length. Shoulders should not be too soft and shapeless. Shoulder pads should look natural and not cause you any inconvenience. If you choose the right shoulder pads, your shoulders will look proportional to your hips, your look will be more powerful and elegant.

The sleeve of the blazer should not be shorter than the level of the wrist bone. It can be detailed or one-piece. It is better not to buy a jacket with too wide sleeves - this will lead to a visual expansion of your figure. Large patch pockets also provide additional volume. But a small collar and narrow lapels will give you slimness and elegance.

A classic jacket on the EXPANSION platform

A single-breasted jacket with two buttons, slightly fitted, is considered classic. It is possible to assume the presence of the third and fourth buttons, but on the condition that the jacket is always fastened. You can unbutton the blazer only on one button - the bottom one. Additional buttons will make your figure slimmer.

It is necessary to constantly monitor that they do not get lost and are well sewn. Buttons should not be too large or conspicuous - for a classic jacket, smooth, on the leg or with two holes are suitable. In a classic jacket, pockets can be trimmed with edging or ribbon, and can also be decorated with buttons.

About the styling of EXPANSION brand jackets

If you bought a jacket with a belt, short skirts or narrow pants will go well with it. The perfect combination of such a cute jacket with a bottom made of the same fabric. The website presents these type of products with skirts. In addition, you can buy them together at a discount.

Many businesswomen today replace the jacket with a vest or cardigan. You can also find your special element of these types of clothes in our online store. To do this, simply go to the appropriate categories of products presented on the sites. And if you are looking for a jacket or vest for a certain event, then refer to the site's categories directly related to style and events.

Buy women's jackets in the EXPANSION online store and make each of your looks unique and unsurpassed! Remember that the best Ukrainian designers of the world scale are gathered on our platform. We make delivery to more than 50 countries all around the globe to share the aesthetics of style with everyone. Buying a jacket at EXPANSION platform is definitely a must!