Refined and fashionable elements of outerwear are a must-have element of every lady's wardrobe, regardless of personal preferences. A coat is that wonderful and, most importantly, universal option that everyone should have. Women's coats should be chosen from quality materials and suitable styles, as this is something that can serve for years.

Ukrainian designers have no equal in the production of this type of outerwear, as they treat its creation with special scrupulousness. They follow every detail in the process and try to convey the love of the product to their customers.

General tips for choosing a coat

If you're looking online for a women's coat, the choices can seem overwhelming. But the best place to start is with what style, color and shape will best complement your wardrobe. Be sure to pay attention to the rules for choosing this piece of outerwear in your everyday style.

Always pay attention to the composition of the material from which the coat is made. It is best to choose reliability - natural components. A great outerwear material that you need is wool. It gently fits the figure and covers its flaws.

Other general advice

  • Leave room for layering, especially chunky sweaters, cardigans and vests that can be worn underneath in cooler temperatures. And the oversized style as such is not only comfortable, but also fashionable in terms of trendy clothing elements.

  • Length is key. Choose the length according to your parameters and always consult the opinion and advice of professionals. The EXPANSION platform, where the best Ukrainian designers and fashion experts are gathered, will help you here.

  • Choose comfort over stylish and trendy coats. This is the outerwear that will definitely influence your mood. Buy the one you fit in unless you want trendy inconvenience. 

Tips on choosing a coat from fashion expert EXPANSION

A coat in a classic style with an English collar will emphasize a thin waist and will not cover the beauty of your legs. It can be worn with both trousers and skirts. A roomy raincoat without a belt will help you visually reduce wide hips. Outerwear of dark tones with vertical stripes is also slimming.

If you have broad shoulders and back, and the waist is far from a wasp, choose a loose coat with a length longer than average. Give preference to outerwear of dark tones, as this will help visually reduce the volume of the back. Do not wear sheepskin coats or fur coats with a wide collar, because this makes the figure even more voluminous. If you have wide hips, a thin long waist and narrow shoulders, outerwear that emphasizes the waist will definitely suit you.

Women of small stature are recommended to wear elongated versions of outerwear. Choose a coat in a thin vertical stripe or choose a model with a pattern on the fabric. For women with forms, it is better to wear outerwear of medium length.

Types of women's coats

In general, there are many types of outerwear such as coats. The following are most often distinguished:

• Baghlat. A short coat, usually double-breasted, with a straight cut.

• Cape. Very often, this type of coat is confused with a poncho, because instead of sleeves, it also has slits.

• Cocoon. An oversized coat that will become the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe.

• Long, scented coat. As the name suggests, this is a long, single-breasted coat with a sleek, simple silhouette. The most refined color is black.

• Parka with a hood. You'll definitely want an insulated rain jacket to keep the humidity at bay. This is another great transitional style, you can wear it with sweaters in the winter and then with t-shirts when it gets warmer.

• Trench coat. It is the best transitional piece of clothing between winter and spring, as well as autumn. It has buttons and a belt at the waist that can be adjusted or tied.

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