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Day dress is a universal item of women's wardrobe. This is a dress meant to be worn during the day; that is, not a cocktail dress or an evening dress worn for evening festive events. This one is really special since it is a type of clothing that can be worn every single day as well as during any season. 

The EXPANSION online store presents a large number of day casual dresses from the best Ukrainian designers for those who have a refined taste and love exclusive things. We provide the opportunity to buy a day dress wherever you are. Delivery is valid to 50 countries of the world. You can buy our products online at EXPANSION website as well as visit our stores in Kyiv and Paris. 

How to determine that a dress is day one?

The first indicator of this type of the dress is the length. Although it is not always the case, the dress is often about knee length; it can be shorter or longer, but knee length is a versatile length that looks good with heels, flats or even boots. So you should wear this to create simple but chic style.

The dress can be sleeveless or strapless, or it can have sleeves. Sleeveless or strapless day dresses are usually a bit better than dresses with sleeves that cover the shoulders. This type of dress can be made from any clothing material and have any imaginable pattern. However, if you still doubt the correctness of the chosen style, do not worry, because the fashion expert of the EXPANSION platform has already selected dresses of this style and assigned them to the "Day dresses" category.

Where to wear a day dress?

• Generally, this type of dress can be worn in the workplace. It is better to choose a dress for work with sleeves, it will look professional. It is usually worn with flat shoes, although heels are, of course, also suitable for office style. These dresses can also be suitable on the weekend; some are made from soft, comfortable cotton and are especially nice to wear on warm summer days.

• More sophisticated type of dress can be worn for a morning or afternoon wedding. This dress can have a slightly longer length, known as tea length, meaning it falls between the knees and ankles. In this case, the dress may or may not have sleeves. Of course, some day dresses are shorter and may be above the knee. It completely depends on personal preference, as well as the appropriateness of the length in relation to the place where the dress will be worn.

• There are many ways to make a day dress a versatile outfit that can be worn from morning to night. For example, if you want to wear this dress to work, you can wear it with ballet flats, a cardigan and some simple accessories. Going straight from work to a fancy dinner might require heels and bigger accessories or sophisticated makeup. Every woman should have a couple of day dresses in her wardrobe.

Why is it necessary to have a day dress in the wardrobe?

A day dress gives women the opportunity to be fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time. It allows them not to focus on appearance and not to spend too much time deciding what to wear for different occasions. Within reason, in any situation, a woman can make her dress style more casual, even at the workplace or in a semi-formal setting. In business situations where business attire is required, women can wear low heels and apply the same tactic to semi-formal settings.

Women can wear these dresses throughout the year. Each season means a different style of casual dress. Everything depends on the season, and therefore on the choice of fabric from which the day dress is made. The practicality of choice is one of the advantages of these dresses. 

Creating your perfect outfits, you should always pay special attention to the style of the attire. As mentioned before, a day dress is the best choice to be instyled to different occasions. This one is the main reason to buy a day dress at EXPANSION online store. 

Colors of everyday dresses

As a rule, brighter colors are more casual than dark ones. This is, for example, beige, white or light blue. Although not a very bright color, brown is also more casual than navy or gray. The meaning of the color of the dress can also be interpreted differently because of the silhouette. That is why, always make sure to meet both expactations.

When choosing the color of day dresses, also pay attention to which shade suits you. The color of the dress should match your character and appearance. If you are in doubt about which one to choose, contact the professional consultants of EXPANSION online store. They will easily help you choose the day dress of your dreams.

EXPANSION is a synergy of the best Ukrainian designers who enter the international arena to show the whole world a real and high-quality approach to work and the magnificent final result. By buying everyday dresses of brands by Ukrainian designers on our platform, you join the global philosophy of style, beauty and refined elegance. If you value your time, choose EXPANSION.