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The best business dresses definitely have a place in every female wardrobe, whether you are working remotely, going to the office or meeting clients and colleagues on the go. At meetings, project presentations, interviews, calls with the boss or team members, nothing can compare with a business style dress.

Choosing the right dress that will meet the requirements of this category is quite difficult. That is why it is worth contacting professionals and certified fashion etiquette experts. The EXPANSION website is a project created to help real ladies understand the entire range of proposed styles under the auspices of the best specialists in the industry.

What dress can be called business?

There are several general rules by which you should choose a women's business style dress. These are the most exact of them:

  • Restraint, high-quality workwear, and the absence of bright, attention-grabbing accessories are appreciated. In general, this is a classic dress style with its inherent conservatism. Such a dress allows a modern businesswoman to create the necessary mood for office work or during a business meeting.

  • Mini and maxi business dresses are unacceptable in the business world, they look ridiculous. The best length is a little below or above the knee.

  • The neatness and elegance of a fashionable business dress allow you not to be distracted and feel comfortable.

  • Products made of natural fabrics are preferred. We do not recommend velvet, lace, knitwear.

How to choose the right palette of business dresses?

When choosing a modest business dress, it is important to pay attention to the color, because it not only depends on your appearance, but also carries a special energy, which can easily lift or spoil your mood. Thanks to the right shade, you will be able to create a positive first impression of colleagues, influence their mood and respect for you. Therefore, the following colors and their shades are presented on the EXPANSION platform in the "Business Dresses" section:

• Black as a symbol of restraint and professionalism

• Brown as conservatism, stability, steadfastness

• Green as self-affirmation, desire for knowledge

• Blue as calmness, confidence and mutual understanding

• Gray as neutrality and balance

• Yellow is energy and cheerfulness

• White as formality and sophistication

• Pink as femininity and elegance

How to style a business dress?

Choose dresses with a semi-fitted silhouette or sheath dresses in preferrable colors. These are the so-called classic silhouettes in the Business Dresses section, which go well with heels, boots and ballet flats. Do not forget that the silhouette of the dress should be as simple as possible, without unnecessary details, because this way it can be appropriately styled for any important occasion.

We recommend wearing a stylish jacket of matching colors over the favorite dress. They can be both single-sided and double-sided. An interesting solution will also be to add a belt to the dress, which will contrast with the main color or blend in completely. In a business style, it is allowed to wear a headdress, and with a dress it will look absolutely unbeatable. And finally, accessories: minimalist jewelry should be preferred for looks with business dresses. All elements of stylization of your business image can be bought in our EXPANSION online store.

Advantages of business dresses

Business dress conveys your level of professionalism and dedication to your colleagues, bosses or clients. When you focus on your productivity and skillfully combine it with your fashion sense, you make a good impression and set your priorities at work. Cultivating your look can help you present yourself in the best possible light, and wearing appropriate business attire is part of that image.

The way you dress affects how you are viewed in the workplace. Showing up in ill-dressed, sloppy, revealing or inappropriate clothing will send the wrong message to your supervisors and co-workers. A properly selected business dress will never create such problems. On the contrary, she will perfectly cope with the task of showing everyone around her professionalism and thirst for work.

By buying dresses on the website with delivery to 50 countries of the world or in EXPANSION offline stores, you not only become the happy owner of a unique item by a Ukrainian designer, but also participate in learning the grammar of your own style. A modern businesswoman simply needs these skills in order to promote an appropriate outfit in the working environment and to form a sense of respect and understanding of your professionalism in others. EXPANSION experts will certainly be able to easily choose a business dress that meets all your wishes and, most importantly, your chosen style.