With the return to the office after the summer vacation, each of us inevitably faces the problem of styling our work outfits. Your EXPANSION style guide will help you not just strictly follow the rules, but find a compromise between strict dress code rules and make the office look stylish.

The business casual style helps a woman to go beyond strict office canons in clothes and show her style. Here it is important not to cross the limits of possible freedoms and still observe the rules of business style. The specifics of the dress code directly depend on the company you work for and the position you hold. This is a special business chic that does not tolerate sloppiness, but which allows comfort, ease, relaxation and freedom from strict office style. It gives an opportunity to emphasize your individuality and taste.

Business casual is the only dress code that allows jeans and knitwear, thoughtful layering. It can be a not too formal suit, a fashionable dress, pants with a shirt, shoes - any, except for sports or too elegant. Your image should reflect elegance, informality, and ease.

Business casual dress code taboos:
- frayed jeans;
- crumpled clothes;
- leggings, too bulky or tight-fitting pants;
- mini-skirts and mini-shorts;
- T-shirts with inscriptions and slogans;
- voluminous knitwear;
- short (higher than the waist), as well as transparent tops;
- hiking boots and running shoes;
- slippers and sandals.

And a selection of this top 10 looks will help to inspire you to stylize your office wardrobe in a business casual style:

August 31, 2022