If it becomes a problem for you to style clothes in a new way every time, then refer to the selection of outfits with basic things that are suitable for any occasion. In this article, you will learn how one item can replace half of your wardrobe.

A white shirt has always been distinguished from other clothes by its simplicity but at the same time elegance. The special charm of looks created with the help of this must-have item is difficult to overestimate because there are many options for this basic item of women's wardrobe: classic or rounded collar, with long or short sleeves, made of silk or cotton.

There are several key rules for choosing and styling a white shirt:

  • Pay attention to the fabric. It should be tight and natural because quality fabric always looks appropriate, but ordinary elastane quickly loses its shape and proper appearance.
  • Choose a white shirt with a free cut that will not restrict your movements and will create an image of lightness and grace.
  • The shirt should have buttons along the entire length of the bar. In this way, you will be able to choose the openness of the neckline yourself and prevent provincial vulgarity.

And the selection in this article will help you to get inspired to style your outfirs with a white shirt:










August 03, 2022