About the brand
Nata Belz is a creative jewelry design workshop.
The brand`s philosophy
Inspiration comes from nature. Motion is life, hence it is impossible to take person’s eyes from running water, burning flame, falling sand and blowing wind. Similarly, the magic threads, collected in sophisticated designs, are eye-catching.
Why did NATA BELZ become a part of EXPANSION platform?
  • The brand combines the latest trends and high-tech materials with old craftsmanship traditions.
  • A special exquisite feature of collections is in the legendary shiny monili threads and diamond-cut crystal beads of various shades that create unrivalled shining.
  • To balance the cold glitter of crystal and metal, it is common to use natural materials, including leather, waxed thread, marabou feathers and wooden beads. The collections are handmade and use different techniques.
Accessories have been created for confident women who love experimenting and showing their individuality.
September 15, 2022