About the brand
Marie Fresh Cosmetics - natural cosmetics with proven effectiveness, with which you will get results without experimenting with your skin.
More than 5 years of experience in our own production of cosmetics in a laboratory certified by the European GMP standards.
The brand`s philosophy
Only the necessary cosmetic products should be on the shelves, so Marie Fresh Cosmetics doesn`t not release “empty” and unnecessary new items, but only what every woman really needs in home care.
Why did Marie Fresh Cosmetics become a part of EXPANSION platform?


  • Today brand develops cosmetic products, introducing innovative developments of the world's TOP laboratories.
  • Using a high concentration of natural active ingredients, they improve the appearance and preserve the youthfulness of the skin by replenishing vitamin and microelement deficiencies in the skin and hair.
  • The products are developed by a cosmetologist and technologist, undergo several stages of testing by focus groups and examinations in independent laboratories. Thus, Marie Fresh Cosmetics guarantees the safety of each product.
  • All active ingredients are natural, close in structure to the structure of the skin, so they are aimed at restoring it and solving the most common problems.
  • Marie Fresh Cosmetics is for environmental friendliness, which means that cosmetics do not contain petroleum products, synthetic components, sulfates, etc.
Marie Fresh Cosmetics
There is nothing in the composition that can harm health.
September 13, 2022