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Knitwear is clothing that is pleasing both to the eyes and to the wearer's body. What could be better than wearing a gorgeous fringed midi skirt, a structured bell-sleeve top, or a sleeveless turtleneck dress in a fabric that feels like women's most comfortable loungewear?

Ukrainian branded knitwear is presented on the EXPANSION platform in the Knitwears category. These are clothes made of high-quality textile material made from exclusively natural fibers. Comfort and practicality are the main criteria by which we choose products for our customers. The quality and exclusive clothing are the reasons why our products are shipped to more than 50 countries in the world. 

Features of knitted products

When choosing the categories for the site, the EXPANSION team did not think for a moment about whether it is worth highlighting this type of women's clothing separately. Undoubtedly, knitwear has a number of characteristics that make it everyone's favorite. Among the main ones, it is worth noting:

  • Practicality

  • Soft touch

  • Air permeability

  • Hygroscopicity

  • Extensibility

  • Color variety

Thanks to these features, knitwear ranges from underwear to holiday wear. They can be fashionably styled in everyday looks, as well as worn for important events. The versatility of knitted clothes is simply stunning. This was the main reason why knitwear from niche Ukrainian designers and brands became part of our platform.

What types of knitted clothes should be in everyone's wardrobe?

EXPANSION style grammar experts recommend women to add the following knitted items to their standard wardrobe:

  • jackets, cardigans

  • sweaters, turtlenecks

  • skirts, dresses

  • pants

  • shirts and blouses

  • outerwear

  • pyjamas

  • shorts

  • shirts and T-shirts

  • leggings

  • sportswear

  • gloves and mittens

  • hats

  • scarves

An important factor in choosing knitwear is that it allows a woman to feel free in her movements. And these are things that never leave the tops of fashionable seasonal columns. It is worth choosing gray, green, black, blue color schemes for things made of knitwear, because they always look restrained and elegant. White and beige are also popular, especially among office workers and dreamy romantics.

Advice from fashion expert EXPANSION on styling modern knitwears

  • It will be appropriate to style a knitted cardigan with dark jeans of your favorite style, as well as by throwing over your favorite oversize coat.

  • Light-colored trendy knitwear should be styled with jackets and pants of the same color.

  • Knitted tops with a high collar should be diluted with loose jeans, but avoid too baggy.

  • A knitted dress with the right styling will suit any style. A dress of calm shades with a belt is a great option for a formal style. We recommend wearing a single-breasted coat on top. For a casual style, the dress should be worn with cropped jackets.

  • Sports knitwear should be styled only with your favorite sneakers.

  • Knitted jackets are suitable for classic trousers or skirts.

Features of care for knitted clothes

Caring for knitted women's clothing is quite a chore, as you cannot miss the smallest detail. The first thing to take care of is how to properly wash the product. If washing in a machine, use a delicate option with a water temperature of no higher than 40 degrees. At high temperatures, even the best luxury knitwear shrinks, becomes pale and not so soft to the touch.

If you prefer to wash by hand, do not apply too much force. Just soak the clothes for a few minutes and rinse in water. Excess moisture can be removed by wrapping the product in a bath towel. Regarding other features of care, you can consult our customer manager, who is in constant contact with everyone.

Remove the coils with a special brush or peeling machine. Their formation on knitwear is inevitable and occurs due to mechanical friction of the pile structure of the knitted fabric during wear. But the puffs should not be cut, but pulled to the wrong side.

High-quality knitted products of Ukrainian designer brands can be bought only on the EXPANSION website. In our online store, delivery is available to 50 countries of the world, and the exclusivity and scale of the selection is simply stunning! 

EXPANSION is a synergy of the best Ukrainian brands who enter the international arena to show the whole world a real and high-quality approach to work and the magnificent final result. By buying knitwears of designers from Ukraine on our platform, you join the global philosophy of style, beauty and refined elegance. If you value your time, choose EXPANSION.