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In today's world, women's suits are becoming a mandatory element of every woman's basic wardrobe. They are comfortable, suit the style of today's business women and radiate a special freedom, and the subtle combination of masculinity of style and grace of color or fabric makes them even more relevant. For these reasons, such a wardrobe item has become trendy and one of the key elements of all designers' collections for more than one year in a row.

The EXPANSION platform presents stylish women's suits by top Ukrainian designers known to the whole world. The elegance of the cut, the quality of the fabric and the careful approach to the process of creating costumes make them real works of art.

Historical features

Few people know, but women's suits were made as a sign of protest against the inequality of rights between men and women. For the first time, they were worn by the founders of feminist movements to show their disagreement with the non-extension of suffrage to women. Currently, they no longer carry such a special mission, and their attachment to freedom and the struggle for rights has become just an echo of history.

Since then, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of women in business, politics and sports. It is not surprising that women's suits attract attention in the world of fashion. Numerous Ukrainian designers of women's clothing are also presenting updated collections of suits aimed at professional women.

What styles are suitable?

In the 21st century, women's suits have become the center of all fashionable looks. Connoisseurs and experts of fashion etiquette pay special attention to them, because the correct combination and appropriateness of the chosen element of clothing becomes a topic for heated discussions and disputes. Yes, usually women's suits are mandatory in the following styles:

  • Business style. It is recommended to wear women's suits to work, business meetings and various conferences, because they have become an integral part of the official atmosphere.

  • Classic style. Women's suits are always elegant classics. Pastel colors and simple styles captivate with their laconic style and versatility of image.

  • Casual style. Over time, women's suits ceased to be associated with an exclusively working atmosphere, but became an element of women's everyday life, because depending on the fabric, they can be worn for ordinary walks or on vacation.

  • Minimalist style. Minimalism is the basis of the basics of any clothing, and therefore women's suits are no exception. Minimalist women's items of this category and in pastel colors often even become a choice for the wedding outfit of a bride who wants to stand out with the uniqueness of her image. Although it would be a mistake to call them an extravagant choice for a wedding, because they have long been an integral part of our life and all its events.

How to choose the right women's suit?

Choosing women's suits should pay attention to several basic details. First, think carefully about their purpose: a working atmosphere, everyday convenience or a bright display of freedom. Depending on this, you can experiment with color: the brighter the shade, the bolder your look will be. Secondly, choose only those styles that will be convenient for you, because style is not only about the desire to be different, but also about the ability to create comfort for yourself.

The best women's suits of Ukrainian designers are presented on the EXPANSION platform. They are distinguished by their simplicity, but at the same time by their refined appearance. It is in these suits that you will look simply unsurpassed. And these are the reasons why women from more than 50 countries around the globe are buying them.

How to properly store and care for a suit

After wearing, the jacket should be hung on a wide and convenient hanger. Do not use flat hangers, they deform the suit. Before you hang up your jacket, make sure you empty the pockets. After a day of "work", the suit needs a day of rest. If it was worn for several days in a row, then it should be given the same number of days for "rest".

Before hanging the suit in the closet, you should go over it with a brush. This is done with clothes brushes made of natural hair. Do not use sticky rollers, they leave traces of an adhesive composition on the fabric, which can damage it. 

EXPANSION is a online and offline synergy of the best Ukrainian designers who enter the international arena to show the whole world a real and high-quality approach to work and the final result. By buying women's suits on our platform, you join the global philosophy of style, beauty and refined elegance. If you value your time, choose EXPANSION.