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Each of us knows very well that clothes should hide flaws and emphasize the advantages of the figure, correspond to the place and occasion for which they are worn, that is, be appropriate, match the color scheme according to appearance and a bunch of different rules that we all follow during the formation of our perfect wardrobe.

The EXPANSION platform was created to facilitate this difficult process in everyone's life. The best experts in fashion etiquette will share all their good knowledge here, and talented Ukrainian designers will come together to help. In the catalog of our online store, you will definitely find online what you have been searching for so long and without results - inspiration, style and quality all together.

How to correctly select branded clothes in a womanswear?

It is important to understand that a high position in society presents increased requirements for style: you need refined taste, attention to details and the strictest attitude to quality. There are some rules from EXPANSION website fashion expert to follow:

• Rule number one - all things should fit you well! As soon as the sleeve is too long, or the slit on the jacket is in the wrong place, or there are ugly folds on the back - you look sloppy.

• Appropriateness is what we should always be guided by when choosing our outfit. Remember, place, time of the day and the season are much more important than trendy outfits.

• Dress should not be vulgar. At work you need to look simply attractive, and on the weekend it is better to keep a discreet sexuality and sophistication.

• Things must be in perfect condition. Curls, hooks, spots are not compatible with the concept of "successful lady".

• Impeccable appearance allows you to communicate effectively with superiors, clients and colleagues. Neatness, attractiveness, elegance - these are the three basic principles of women's wardrobe.

Basic colors of women's wardrobe

For convenience, the woman's wardrobe palette is divided into groups: basic (neutral and dark), light and bright colors. The group of basic colors includes black, the entire range of gray, brown, beige and dark shades of all colors. It is on them that you should rely to purchase clothes for a business wardrobe.

They express professionalism, authority, inspire high respect, trust and allow you to focus all your attention on your work. They can and should be used often, because these colors do not catch the eye, do not bore and are elegantly combined with other shades. However, clothes in such a tone should be diversified with spectacular details so that it looks stylish.

Light colors of women's wardrobe

This group includes white and pastel shades of all colors (light yellow, battle, pale green, light lilac, etc.). These colors are especially appropriate for blouses, they are also great for business wear in the warm season, for summer casual and evening wear, and of course for underwear and swimwear, especially if you have tanned skin.

Such shades are pleasant, fresh, elegant. They unobtrusively attract attention, although at the same time they are friendly and calm. Light colors are multifunctional, because they do not catch the eye and are perfectly combined with neutral and dark colors. The best Ukrainian designers use these colors the most while creating unique design to their products collection in boutique and on our website.

Bright colors of women's wardrobe

This group includes bright shades of all colors (red, bright pink, orange, fuchsia, sapphire, aquamarine, canary, etc.). Bright colors are often called "accent" colors and are used in business attire to draw attention or add liveliness to a look. These are self-confident and strong colors, bold, energetic and usually fashionable, dominant and impressive.

Therefore, they are used in a limited way in conservative business, and very actively in the field of fashion or creative specialties. In addition, these are the best colors for casual clothing, for which an individual and modern look is important. In a business wardrobe, these colors are used in bright blouses, dresses and jackets. As a rule, bright colors in combination with neutral and dark colors give the outfit strength and authority.

Buy exclusive and fashionable clothes of Ukrainian designers, which are completely comfortable for you and suitable for any style and cover the entire palette of exquisite colors of clothes, in the EXPANSION online store. Here you will find exquisite designer clothes made in Ukraine. All the brands represented on the platform are distinguished by the quality of the created things and have made a great contribution to the fact that Ukrainian is known everywhere. Therefore, it is not surprising that EXPANSION delivery works to 50 countries of the world.