About the brand



The PANOVE brand was founded by two designers Iryna and Nadiya Lukianova, daughter and mother. They are aware of the needs of different generations and create collections together. 


The brand`s philosophy



The search for new forms and ways of self-expression that will be able to  emphasize the beauty of the female body are the characteristic features of PANOVE brand.


Why did PANOVE become a part of EXPANSION project?


  • Brand`s perception of nature, the diversity of forms are both transformed into looks of clothes.
  • They offer an extended size chart (EUR 36 - 52) so that every woman can enjoy clothes.
  • Proportions of Panove's clothes are precisely adjusted for a perfect fit and will suit any woman, regardless of the nuances and type of her figure.
  • For PANOVE brand they use wool, silk, eco-cotton and other natural fabrics of the highest quality.





Clothing has no age and limits.

September 01, 2022