About the brand
The NAI LU-NA brand protects femininity in the dynamic world of fashion. It shares the knowledge of the grammar of style to find and discover the individual.
It was founded 12 years ago by one of the most prominent Ukrainian designers Anastasiia Ivanova.
 Brand`s philosophy
The main principle of the Nai Lu-Na brand is that every woman should carefully pay attention to her elegance and comprehend the grammar of her style.
Why did Nai Lu-Na become a part of the EXPANSION project?
  • For 12 years now, the Ukrainian designer's brand has been promoting the elegance and style ethics of women from 5 countries of the world. Supporters from Ukraine, the USA, Japan, France and Kazakhstan not only buy NAI LU-NA dresses but also share the philosophy of the brand, which has remained unchanged since the first days of its foundation.
  • In today's world, NAI LU-NA makes the feminine niche graceful and noteworthy. Each dress of the brand is devoid of ephemerality because it carries a unique idea to emphasize the fragility of a woman.
  • Designer clothes can improve mood, set the right burst for a new day, inspire for accomplishments and immerse you in an atmosphere of sophisticated aesthetics.
Nai Lu-Na
Knowing the grammar of style and the rules of etiquette helps women maintain the sophisticated image created with their favourite dress. NAI LU-NA is your brand of elegance and style!
May 26, 2022