About the brand
The Ukrainian brand LIPA embodies the vision of a modern woman with a refined personality, aspirations and goals.
The brand was founded by designer Diana Lipunova, who invested love, creativity and tailoring skills in the brand concept.

The brand`s philosophy
The main goal of the brand is to give a woman confidence, a sense of self-love and awareness of her uniqueness.

Why did LIPA become part of the EXPANSION project?
  • The LIPA brand designs and transforms women's pantsuits, offering elegant styles with perfect fit and cut, as well as casual options filled with plenty of designer details.
  • The creation of the LIPA brand is based on love and admiration for the multifacetedness of a modern woman: active, purposeful, determined, with a sophisticated personality and preferences.
  • The concept of the brand involves a perfect search and selection of the best materials in accordance with the cutting techniques of a classic suit.


LIPA. unique. yourself. - to feel truly special while remaining yourself.

August 12, 2022