About brand
KOLOSOVA chic brand - Ukrainian fashion brand for women who inspire.
Founded in 2015 by designer Anastasiia Kolosova.
 Brand`s philosophy
The main mission of KOLOSOVA brand is to develop the feminine through the external form. The way from outside to inside. Strengthening feminine energy. Because if there is no Woman, Life will stop.
Why did KOLOSOVA become a part of the EXPANSION project?
  • At KOLOSOVA, it is believed that new times blur the silhouette of a woman's sexuality. It makes it simpler, deprives it of expressiveness, deliberately brings it closer to the male image, and promotes universality. However, the female is beautiful in a special way. Clothing is designed to emphasize this difference.
  • Collections of KOLOSOVA are about Daily elegance and women no matter when and where. It is a modern interpretation of chic elegance for everyday looks. No special occasion is needed to look feminine. Great days, bad days, workdays and holidays, sports and parties. Anytime – whether hustling or resting – you are a woman.
  • This brand is about feminine clothing that conquers men's hearts because then he feels that he has a different, special being in front of him - not a brother, not a rival, not an ordinary passerby. In front of him is a wonderful Woman, who causes a desire to bow down with her greatness.
A woman is nourished by attractiveness, attention, admiration, and deification. She blossoms when a man likes her. Isn't it the best way to feel yourself?
June 23, 2022